N1MM Logger+

Re-mapping for Scandinavian keyboards

Autohotkey script for solving the problems with keys present on US English keyboards but missing or only available as shifted on Scandinavian keyboards. The keys '`' (back-quote) and '\' (backslash) have central functions in SO2V/SO2R but are not available on Scandinavian keyboards. The script also correctly maps Alt-' (Alt-singlequote), which is used for filter width toggle, on a Scandinavian keyboard to the correct Windows virtual key.

Since the script use Scan codes for physical keys and Virtual key codes for the logical keys, modification of the script for other keyboard languages and layouts should be straightforward.

The script should be placed in the "SupportFiles" subfolder in the N1MM Logger+ data folder.

To run the script, AutoHotKey must be installed and the name of the script entered into the "Autohotkey file" text box in "Function Keys" tab in the "Configurer" panel.

AutoHotKey script for Scandinavian keyboards with N1MM Logger+

General introduction to using AutoHotKey with N1MM Logger+

Support files for SSA Monthly Contest "SSA MT"

Compared to earlier published versions these have the following features:

CW MT Messages.mc: Resets RIT at logging or CQ. Sends correct contest CQ. Improved button texts including a "Locator?" button.

SSAMTCW.udc & SSAMTSSB.udc: Uses correct contest name in Cabrillo file. Automatically selects correct mode, date and starting time. Only approves QSO with Swedish stations and grays out non-Swedish stations in band map. Layout improvements.

To install, copy CW MT Messages.mc to the FunctionKeyMessages sub folder in the program's data folder and copy the two .udc files to the UserDefinedContests sub folder. Start or restart N1MM Logger+ to finalize installation.

At contest set up, make sure to replace the default contest exchange ("# Locator") with a hash plus your grid locator, e.g. "# JO65MR". Also activate the file CW MT Messages.mc as CW Function Key Filename on the "Associated files" tab.


CW MT Messages.mc


Installationsanvisningar på svenska

ICOM Automagic

A Windows utility with small screen footprint that use the radio information broadcast over UDP from N1MM Logger+ and updates an IC-7610 at band or mode changes based on this. It also supports IC-7300 and IC-7850/51 but this requires changes to the source code and a new build.

It sets and remembers waterfall/spectrum edges, display reference level, and output power for each used frequency band and operating mode and also offers a zoomed-in display mode with a 20kHz (configurable in the source code) span centered around the current operating frequency, with its own dedicated reference level setting. All settings are controlled using two input boxes for frequency (requiring RETURN for entry, with erroneous input silently ignored) and sliders for reference level and output power. Clicking the power level percentage number toggles "barefoot" mode which sets radio output power to 100% at activation and then re-sets it to 100% whenever band or mode changes.

A typical usage scenario is to connect ICOM Automagic to the slow "Remote" CI-V port of the ICOM radio while the logger is connected to the fast USB CI-V port. The application also accepts a command line argument to set the serial port to be used (e.g. $ icomautomagic COM3). This setting is remembered.

For the application to work you need to check the "Radio" box on the "Broadcast data" tab in N1MM Logger+'s Configuration panel. Please also note that the application does not query the radio for settings. Any manual changes made using the radio's own controls are ignored and are thus not saved.


  • Only considers radio #1 and thus does not support cross band SO2V
  • Listens to UDP packets on port 12060. Change requires re-build.
  • Assumes CI-V address 0x98 (IC-7610). Change requires re-build.
  • Assumes 19200 bps CI-V interface. Change requires re-build.

The code is easily cloned and built in Visual Studio but there is also a binary release file available on GitHub via the link below.

ICOM Automagic on GitHub

UDP Broadcast listener - Console version

A simple .NET Console application to collect and parse the XML datagrams broadcast over UDP by N1MM Logger+. Written mainly for the challenge but the code/concept can be easily re-used for more useful applications such as an out-of-band warning bell, a live score-board or software for performance statistics.

N1MMListener on GitHub

UDP Broadcast listener - WPF version

A simple .NET WPF application that collects and parses and parsing the XML datagrams broadcast over UDP by N1MM Logger+. Written mainly for the challenge but the code/concept can be easily re-purposed for more useful applications.

N1MMdemoClient on GitHub